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5 Popular Baby Gyms & Play Mats

Baby playing in skip hop baby gym

Why Do You Need A Baby Gym?

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As much as we want to, we just don’t have all the time in the world to cuddle our babies the entire day. Not only that, but it’s also not the best choice for their development. That’s where playmats and baby gyms come in handy. Our little girl loves her baby gym. And while she’s discovering a whole new world, we’ve got our hands free to get stuff done. Needless to say that you should do your stuff where you can still keep an eye on your child.

Playmats are safe for your baby to use, and they are great for his physical and cognitive development. At the age of 3-6 months, your baby starts to develop hand-eye coordination, so they grasp for whatever catches their attention. This is the best time to introduce playmats to them. 

Below are five playmats and activity gyms we believe your baby will love.

1 – Skip Hop Treetop Friends

The best way to let your child learn is to let him discover things on his own. And this can be achieved by just letting him play; that is how they learn best at any stage or phase in their growth.

Our favourite, the Skip Hop Treetop Friends, is nature-inspired with 17 developmental activities and 13 hoops to hang baby toys. Its surface contains multiple fabrics and activities on the mat like Crinkle Leaves, Squeaker Flower, and Baby Safe Mirror in the Tree Trunk. The mirror in this one is removable for easy machine washing. And trust us, you’ll want to wash the play mat regularly.

This activity gym also has a supportive tummy time pillow to improve neck and shoulder muscles and prevent getting a flat head. It takes two minutes to assemble or disassemble, it’s really super simple. Talking about safety, this product has met and exceeded all applicable safety standards.

2 – Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick and Play Piano  

The colorful design of this Kick and Play Piano is perfect for your child’s sensory skills. Along with that, this toy creates songs and sounds that will stimulate your baby’s sensory growth. Its composition encourages your baby to kick, reach, and push up for its details that in turn, will help grow his muscles. 

It also comes with piano keys that produce fun tunes, fitting to titillate your child’s curiosity and wonder. With that, you’ll see that your baby is more interested to hear it again and again. Everything else, like its shapes, numbers, colors, and animals will introduce early education to your fast-growing loved one. 

This toy highlights a sense-discover-explore framework – a full package for a child’s holistic improvement.

3 – Infantino 4-in-1 Jumbo Baby Activity Gym and Ball Pit

Put more fun to play through this 4-in-1 Jumbo Baby Activity Gym and Bally Pit. This activity gym includes toys of various shapes, colours, and textures that your baby can easily move around. As a result, this develops his motor skills and sensory play. This toy also features more play options like the tummy time mat, bolster pillow, and mirror for overhead play or sit and play, a linkable teether, and 40 colourful balls. 

When your playful toddler is done playing, you can easily store the balls into the sloth shaped storage space. 

4 – Yookidoo Baby Play Gym Lay to Sit-Up Play Mat

Whether your baby wants to lie down and crawl or sit while playing, this baby gym allows him to do just that. You can adjust it according to your baby’s mood and preference. It has more than 20 developmental activities and toys that your baby can move around. Plus you can effortlessly fold it for storage or for travel.

This toy features three developmental benefits.

Level 1: Lay and Play – This stage is for babies that are not strong enough to sit or crawl. It strengthens hand-eye coordination and sensory development.

Level 2: Tummy and Play – In your baby’s third month, your little one will start to lie on his tummy and try to move around often by kicking. This toughens the neck, shoulders, and upper body muscles.  

Level 3: Sit-Up and Play – For babies 6 months older, they begin to sit up and reach for more objects and toys around. This allows social skills by meeting more people at eye level.

5 – Tiny Love Black and White Gymini Infant Activity Play Mat

This is another activity playmat decorated with various hanging toys that your baby can grab. It highlights a black and white stylized design, which looks great with most home decor. Aside from promoting tummy time play, its black and white design stimulates visual learning, adding to the auditory and tactile impulses to help in your baby’s growth. 

Its detachable toys improve cognitive skills by establishing cause and effect scenarios. Its breathable fabric provides comfort throughout the play period. 

Activity Gyms – Your Baby’s Best Buddies

Parenting is as fun as we make it to be, especially when we realize that we can depend on some educational and fun toys. Therefore, these toys will not only be your baby’s best buddies, but they can be yours, too.

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