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15 Must-Have Baby Items That Are Not On An Typical Registry

Montessori toys for babies should be on every baby registry

Newborn Must-Haves You Might Not Think Of

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Most baby registries feature the same products, and that makes sense. After all, we do need onesies, nappies, swaddles, and anti-scratch mittens. However, there are also many newborn items that make your life as new parents easier but are not on ordinary registries.

One example is the Nail Snail nail trimmer. Of course, a baby nail care set is on most lists, but we are big fans of this particular one. It’s a 3-1 manicure set and unlike traditional nail trimmers, the nail snail does not make a clipping sound. It’s easy-to-grasp handle make makes it really super simple to trim your little one’s nails. We used to trim our baby’s nails while she was asleep and the fact that there’s no clipping involved made this an effortless job.

We asked other mama to share their newborn baby must-haves that are not on an ordinary baby registry.

Diapers & Clothing

baby wearing sunglasses

Baby Sunglasses

Baby sunglasses are not just for looks. In fact, a high quality, UVA/B-blocking pair of sunshades should be on every baby registry. Babies have a higher risk of damage to their developing eyes than adults do, so anytime that a baby gets sunscreen, she should get sunglasses, too.

Not all baby sunglasses are made equal, and just because a pair is super cute does not mean that it is a great choice. Consider safety above all else. Are there hinges that can pinch baby fingers? Is the glass shatter-proof? When searching for the best baby sunglasses, look for ones that are flexible so that baby can’t snap them in half. You’ll also want to check that they are BPA- and phthalate-free because they will definitely end up in a baby’s mouth at some point. The lighter-weight the material is, the more likely that it will stay on the baby’s head and actually be useful.

RoShamBo is one brand of baby sunglasses that meets all of these criteria, and they are surprisingly affordable. They also have matching kid and adult sizes, so you can get them for the whole family! While baby sunglasses are much more about protection than cute looks, they can still be incredibly adorable. Take the time to find a pair that is safe, stylish, and that a baby will actually keep on her head.

Contributed by Dani of Diapers in Paradise

Baby Merlin Sleepsuit

A Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit was our favorite sleep transition product for when our kids started coming out of their swaddles but still wanted to be swaddled while sleeping. It is way more effective than a sleep sack since it has arms and legs and keeps babies safe and comfortable while they sleep. The sleepsuit is most effective for babies from 3 months to 9 months of age and it comes in multiple sizes. The sleepsuit gives the effect of being swaddled and soothes the startle reflex. 

We highly recommend adding the sleepsuit to your baby registry since the sleepsuit is really useful to form healthy sleep habits and keep babies safe while still allowing them to self soothe. As a traveling family, the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit is an essential part of our baby travel gear and we have used it on multiple road trips for our kids. The sleepsuit can be used till the baby starts rolling over in it and is a highly useful gift for all parents. 

Contributed by Ketki of Dotted Globe

Adjustable Reusable Swim Nappy

An adjustable reusable swim nappy is one of the most useful baby items that should be on every baby registry. You only need one as they are designed to fit from birth and grow with your baby and toddler. Perfect for swim lessons or fun at the beach. Because you can use them again and again, they are eco friendly and economical. You wash them just like you would your own swimmers – usually cold machine wash and line dry. If soiled, pop any solids into the toilet, rinse and put them into the washing machine.

Adjustable reusable swim nappies usually use a number of snap buttons. This allows you to adjust the swim nappy to various sizes for best waist, length and thigh fit for your baby. Some adjustable reusable swim nappies use velcro strips and elastic, in addition to snap buttons. The velcro strips are used to adjust the waist size, the elasticised waist and legs help with waist and thigh fit, and snap buttons are located at the front so you can adjust the rise of the nappy.

All swim nappies, whether they are disposable or reusable, are designed to catch solids. The outer shell lining of an adjustable reusable swim nappy is generally made from a PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) waterproof fabric, which is waterproof, comfortable, breathable, and durable. The inside of an adjustable reusable swim nappy is generally lined with a soft mesh to catch any solids. An adjustable reusable swim nappy should be on every baby registry.

Contributed by Clara from Petite Capsule

Eat & Drink

Three jars of baby food

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

The number one product that should be on every baby registry is the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine. The machine is a game-changer for any parent bottle-feeding or combination feeding. Perfect Prep makes a bottle at the perfect temperature in less than two minutes – so no waiting for the kettle to boil and testing the temperature of the water. 

The bottle will have a completely accurate amount of water added, both hot and cold ranging from 4oz to 11oz depending on your choice and baby’s age. Baby will also get an extra level of safety by having milk made by the perfect prep machine. A 70-degree hotshot is released to begin the bottle filling to kill any bacteria present in the bottle or the formula. You’ll have to buy the filters separately, but they last around six months which is a good investment.

The Tommee Tippee Day and Night machine is an upgrade to the Perfect Prep. This machine is more modern and includes a digital display for easy nighttime vision and sleep-friendly volume control, so the dispensing doesn’t wake anyone else up. 

Contributed by Silvie from Welcome to Kids to Cornwall! – Kids to Cornwall

Health & Care

Baby in bath

Homeopathy Birth Kit

While it may seem a little odd to put a homeopathic birth kit on your baby registry, homeopathy can help get labor started, keep your labor progressing, and help you and your baby through birth, breastfeeding, and the fourth trimester. It’s also wonderful for helping your body heal after birth! This Homeopathy Birth Kit comes with 18 high potency remedies that are often needed in the third trimester, during birth, and postpartum. It also includes an instruction booklet as well as access to homeopath Mary Aspinwall’s online course for newbies!

I’ve used homeopathy on myself and my older child but was a bit skeptical about buying the kit when I was pregnant with my second. I finally did purchase and wished I hadn’t waited so long! It helped so much with the aches and pains of the third trimester.  It also helped to start my labor when contractions would start and then stop. Using the birth kit helped me have a 6 hour, completely natural VBAC of a nearly 9-pound baby!  My only other recommendation would be to find a doula or midwife who uses homeopathy for birth to help if you don’t want to do it all on your own.

Contributed by Alexis Robinson from Sorta Crunchy Mama

Gas Passers

When you are expecting a little one, the excitement is indescribable, and the list of things you need seems to be never-ending. There are the obvious must-haves when having a baby, but one important thing that many parents forget to put on their baby registry is medicine. You don’t want to need something while your baby is screaming in the middle of the night when stores are closed.

Your little one will have gas or a slight fever, and you want to do everything possible to make them feel better. A cool little thing we found helped us when our baby was full of gas, and nothing seemed to help. Trust me, you want to add this to your baby registry. It will make you and your baby a lot happier.

The Aizara Gas and Colic Reliever was an absolute lifesaver when it came to helping relieve our baby of gas. It’s a product that you place inside of your little one’s rectum to relieve them of trapped gas. It sounds crazy, but trust me, it works. I will warn you that after you hear the gas, it is likely there will be a mountain of poo behind it, but you will see the relief on your little one’s face when their tummy is feeling better. 

This simple product will help save you a lot of frustration and anxiety when you are trying to help your baby get rid of gas. If you use in conjunction with gas drops, it’ll be easier to break up the gas when you rub their tummy.

Contributed by Corritta from It’s a Family Thing

Fridababy NoseFrida

An item that doesn’t make it to many baby registries is the Fridababy NoseFrida. No parent likes to think of their new baby getting sick, but if they do, you are going to want to have this item! The NoseFrida is a suction tool that will remove all the snot from your baby’s nose in a quick, painless process.  Since babies are obligate nose breathers, it’s important to keep the nasal cavity clear. 

The NoseFrida works by placing the long tube at the base of baby’s nose, creating a seal. Then an adult gently suctions through the mouth piece and literally sucks snot out of the baby’s nose. Sounds disgusting but it’s really not! There is a disposable filter that prevents you from actually ingesting any of the snot.  

Many new parents are given a bulb syringe in a newborn medical kit, but this is superior to that. The NoseFrida is super easy to clean, unlike a bulb syringe making it more sanitary. Add this to your baby registry and be ready for that first baby cold. This is one of those items that you don’t think you need until you do so it’s best to be prepared!

Contributed by Maggie from Milana’s Travels

Ps. for more information about NoseFriday and other FridayBaby products, check out our FridayBaby article.

Baby Bath Insert

There are so many different types of baby baths out there but many of them are bulky and also require you to hold the baby and wash them at the same time – a daunting prospect for new first time mums! Supporting a tiny slippery baby while you kneel over the baby tub and try to pour water over them with the other hand takes a bit of practice.

A baby bath insert or support like this one would make a great baby registry item to make bath time a little easier and more enjoyable. They go directly into your full-size bathtub as well so the baby is already used to the idea of the big tub and it can make it easier when it’s time to transition to sitting on their own. They are also generally a little smaller and more compact (some even fold in half) so take up less space and are easier to travel with.

So, if the thought of bath time with a newborn worries you, definitely add one of these supports to your baby registry list!

Contributed by Sophie Marie from Australian Kitchen & Home

Out & About

Woman pushing a baby stroller


One big concern for every new parent is how to keep kids safe and comfortable in their car seats. Children riding in rear-facing car seats don’t receive as much airflow from the car’s vents as children in forward-facing car seats (or parents). With current recommendations to keep children rear-facing from birth until at least 4 years old, it’s important to keep children comfortable in any climate. The Noggle is a specially designed hose that attaches to your vent in the front and snakes back to your children. It has a fabric loop to prop it up using the post of the passenger seat headrest so that no one has to hold it and overall it’s very easy to adjust the position.

The Noggle comes in numerous prints and three sizes: 6 feet, 8 feet, and 10 feet. The manufacturer recommends longer lengths for rear-facing children (including infants), and those driving minivans may want to spring for the 10-foot model. Because the hose is lightweight and fabric-covered, it doesn’t pose a projectile hazard for your baby. In warm weather, the flow of fresh air can even minimize the impact of car sickness for some children.

Contributed by Melissa of Travel Car Seat Mom

Sunshade/Blackout Cover For The Stroller

A sunshade/blackout cover for the stroller is certainly not a typical product on a baby registry list. Admittedly not eye-catching, it struggles to attract as much as colourful or cute baby products, but once its power is discovered, it becomes part of every parent’s survival kit.

Snoozeshade is perhaps one of the most famous brands, and it produces a light universal blackout/sunshade cover for strollers or carrycots. It comes in different versions to better adapt to the age of the child. The shade has two main functions, sheltering children from the sun’s rays (blocks up to 99% of UV rays), and creating a dark environment that facilitates good sleep habits.

In particular, babies up to six months should not be exposed to the sun, but in summer with legs and arms uncovered, it is easy for the umbrella stroller to have insufficient shade. This type of cover attaches easily to the structure of the stroller and protects the baby from the sun’s rays.

For many parents who are often on the move, it also becomes indispensable to ensure the baby has a good rest during the day that will make it easier to sleep at night. The models for over 6 months also offer the possibility to open a panel so the baby can look outside when awake, but when closed 94% of the light is blocked together with all the surrounding distractions.

Contributed by Clotilde from A Princess Travelling With Twins

A Portable High Chair

A portable high chair isn’t the most likely item to appear on a baby registry, but new parents will get a ton of use out of it once their baby starts on solid food. Parents of a baby eating solid foods will love having a portable high chair they can bring along. They won’t have to worry about restaurants having high chairs or what to use when visiting friends. There are different types of travel high chairs, but the best travel high chair is the one that will fit the lifestyle of the parents. From traveling the world to camping and outdoor picnics, a portable high chair will be worth packing.

Of the available travel high chairs, there are three main types to consider: a fabric high chair, a clamp-on high chair, and a portable booster seat. A fabric high chair, which works to harness the baby onto an existing chair, is great for minimalistic parents and is very budget-friendly. A lightweight hook-on high chair, which attaches to a table, can be used both at home and on the road. A portable booster seat, which needs a chair to attach to, is another great option but is more to carry than a fabric high chair. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a travel high chair!

Contributed by Celine from Baby Can Travel

Play & Toys

Baby Art Cards

Baby Art Cards

An item you don’t find on most baby registry lists are Baby Art Cards. These flashcards are rectangular cardboard cards with black and white prints. Prints can vary from animals (I have a set with a fish, cat, owl, elephant, snail, and a giraffe for my daughter), different shapes (circles, squares, and triangles), or other illustrations (such as stars, flowers, etc.).  

The print itself doesn’t actually matter that much, it’s the sharp contrast between black and white that will keep your baby engrossed for many hours. During the first months of a baby’s life, their vision is actually pretty limited. He or she can only see black and white which is why your little one will love Baby Art Cards. You can put the art cards in baby’s playpen next to his or her head (babies can only see sharp for 20-30 centimeters during the first months of their life) so baby can admire the pretty black and white shapes. What’s more, these cards stimulate the creative and visual development of your baby. 

Even for older kids, these cards are pretty fun, my toddler loves naming the animals on the cards and arranging them around his little sisters’ head when she is lying on a play mat on the floor. You can also use them to decorate the baby’s room, Wee Gallery has special themed cards such as jungle, ocean, and safari.  

Contributed by Lotte from Beste voor Kids

Montessori Style Toys

Though many baby registries often include fun items and toys, many parents overlook the importance of simplistic Montessori style toys, or “works.” Rooted in the concept that children learn best through interacting with the natural world, Montessori is designed to help children help themselves. This is applicable at even a young age, and the items necessary to help your baby are wonderful registry essentials.

The Montessori Object Permanence Box, for example, assists in the very important milestone of object permanence through a simple wooden box with a hole, and a ball. A wooden Montessori rattle is designed quite specifically as well. The wooden rattle and the bell inside, teach about natural materials in the world and what actually creates sound.

All traditional Montessori toys are designed with the idea that materials should replicate true surroundings for optimal education. Even the most simple Montessori toys, like shape puzzles, nesting eggs, and cylinder rods begin introducing legitimate educational concepts, even at birth. So, if you’re looking to add a few fun items that also stimulate your little one’s development and make for life-long learning, look no further than traditional Montessori toys.

Contributed by Victoria from Tori Leigh

Sleep & Sound

Sleeping baby wearing a warm hat

Gro Light

A Gro Light from the Gro Company is such a unique product that I could not do without it when my children were little.  What makes these lights unique is that they are not a nightlight in the corner or a table lamp.  They clip into your existing lightbulb fitting and turn on with your normal light switch.

Turn your lightswitch on once for the nightlight and flick twice for your normal light.  They create a light glow, just enough to see but not enough to wake anyone, making it perfect to check in on a baby with a small flick of light, or as they get older, you can leave it on so they can find a pacifier easily in the dark.

The lights are also great for feeding a baby in the dark or that little dream feed where you don’t want to wake them.  These are great gifts as they are inexpensive and small, yet extremely useful.

Contributed by Jennifer Parkes from Backyard Travel Family: Active Family Travel Specialists in New Zealand

Pack And Play Blackout Tent

If you will be room sharing at grandma’s or doing any traveling with your little ones, you may want to consider registering for a blackout tent for your pack and play. Basically, it creates a dark, distraction-free environment so your little one can get some quality rest and you can still have lights on in the same room. This is particularly handy for hotel travel as it means when your baby needs to go to bed at 7:30 it doesn’t have to be lights out for everyone! There are a couple of versions on the market so be sure to find one that is age-appropriate and well ventilated.

Contributed by Kinzy of Coffee With Kinzy

Some Final Words

So there you have it, 16 baby products you probably not find on typical baby registries, but that will make your life as a parent a lot easier. If you have any other tips, please don’t hesitate to leave your tips in the comments below.

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