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5 Essential Frida Baby Products Every Parent Should Have

Set of Frida Baby products

Who (or what) is Frida Baby?

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Let’s admit it. Parenting is not always fun. It may be exciting, but it can also be stressful. As parents, we only want to provide comfort and protection to our little ones. But what happens when even you do not know how to stop your baby’s screams of struggle? That’s where Frida Baby comes in.

Frida Baby is a popular baby brand that originated in Sweden. Frida Baby products are invented by a Swedish pediatric ear, nose, and throat doctor. This baby brand aims to provide solutions to your baby’s everyday circumstances like a snot-filled nose or a bloated stomach. Until now, this brand continues to amaze parents like us because of its smart, safe, and hygienic solutions for their little peanut’s woes.

To help you learn more about Frida Baby’s products, we have listed our five favourites below. And trust us if we say that there comes a time you thank yourself for buying these Frida Baby essentials.

1 – Frida Baby Basics Kit

Making it to number one on this list are actually four products, packaged in one kit. The baby basics kit is a perfect buy for incoming parents – definitely a must-have. This kit contains everything you need for your baby in her first few months. 

First in the kit is NoseFrida the SnotSucker. The name itself already suggests its use. Now you may think it’s gross (trust us, we did!), but this product lets you vacuum all the snot in your baby’s little nose without having any of it getting into your mouth. Use the snotsucker for a few hours of relief to your little one.

The next one is Windi the GassPasser. Having air stuffed up without being able to release all that gas can be very unsettling. This results in nonstop, deafening cries which in turn, can also be unsettling for you as parents. It may seem rather uncomfortable to stick something to your baby’s private part to solve this, but rest assured, it is 100% safe and hygienic. In a whoosh, say goodbye to unwanted gas with the help of this miraculous Frida Baby product.

Another product you find in this kit is NailFrida the SnipperClipper Set. Truth be told, cutting your baby’s sweet little fingernails feels scarier than watching a scary movie itself. With tender skin, you need to be extra attentive to every little step so as not to hurt your mini-me. And trust me, babies don’t really understand they have to sit still while their nails are being trimmed. NailFrida is ultra-convenient and safe to use, as its view-through hole allows you to see what you’re cutting. The nail file is curved perfectly, making it easy to file your little one’s fingernails at a safe length without pinching any skin. So breathe easy. Everything is going to be fine with this friendly product. 

The last one, but definitely not the least useful, is DermaFrida the SkinSoother. A baby’s skin is delicate and cradle cap is very common, yet harmless. Thankfully, this 3 step cradle cap fixer from Frida Baby comes to the rescue. First, lather up your baby’s head with the soft sponge and some shampoo or baby oil. Then use the brush to loosen the flakes. Lastly, lift the flakes from the scalp with the comb.

2 – BreathFrida, 3 in 1 Humidifier

BreatheFrida is the ultimate triple-threat. It functions as a humidifier, a diffuser, and a nightlight all in one package. We bought it so we could check off three products of our list and never regretted it.

As a humidifier, it moistens the dry bedroom. It also serves as a bedside light to keep the room from getting pitch dark. And because of its diffusing functionality, this is also ideal for babies (or parents) that have seasonal allergies. Tip: add essential oils to it for a good night’s sleep. 

3 – BreatheFrida Vapor Wipes

Excessively wiping off your baby’s nose can be irritating for your baby’s skin, just like ours. Not when you have this booger wiper, however. BreatheFrida Vapor Wipes contain peppermint and eucalyptus for a soothing sensation. Thinking it might not be enough, the wipes also have chamomile, aloe, and vitamin B for cooling relief. They’re made from high-quality cotton, so it does not tear up when in use. Its sustainable design also makes it easy to bring with you anywhere you go.

4 – MediFrida

One of our most-used Frida Baby products, this pacifier serves as a medicine dropper. Following doctors’ recommendations, this product is designed to release medicine to the side of the cheeks to ensure no spit-ups. Its pacifier design also helps in giving the exact, full dosage of medicine, nothing less. This 2 in 1 baby product is definitely a steal and we’ve used it to give our little princess Gripe Water to relieve colic. If this doesn’t work for you, read this article from Lifting Motherhood featuring 10 ways to help a colicky baby.

5 – Big Bundle of Joy: Complete Care Kit

When we say it’s a complete care kit, we mean every inch of it. That is, this big bundle of joy is without equal. Aside from Windi the GassPasser, SnotSucker, and SnipperClipper, this kit also contains an iTherMonitor, a Keep-it-all-in-one Pouch, Hygiene Filters, and a MomWasher. This complete care kit goes with a to-go box that you can easily bring with you anywhere you need to go. Now that sounds like a mouthful. So let us explain each one a bit.

Frida Baby’s iTherMonitor comes with five adhesive patches that are placed under the underarms. It is connected to an app that monitors your baby’s temperature every 4 seconds and makes a graph of it. This graph is sent to your mobile phone for closer monitoring of your baby’s physical state. It works effectively just like the usual thermometer. 

Aside from that, it also contains reminders for medicines and a log of related activities. Just be mindful to not go too far from your kid because just like other BlueTooth devices, it will disconnect.

It’s never wrong to think of our baby’s welfare especially in her first few months, but what we often fail to realize is that mothers also need a little extra help. Thank heavens Frida Baby came up with the MomWasher. It’s very convenient to use and its nozzle has perfectly placed holes that allow the hit to the right spots. There’s actually a whole collection of Frida Mom products which are worth of a special post. Click here to read more about Frida Mom.

Peace Of Mind With Frida Baby

No matter how much we’ve prepared ourselves for the parents that we will or have become, for sure it doesn’t hurt to have extra help from trusted baby products such as Frida Baby.  Their popular products are a parent’s best friend. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your baby is safe and well with these products in your medicine cabinet. And, Frida Baby is also a great baby shower gift that parents-to-be will definitely appreciate.

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